• How does Hurdle’s matrix technology work to benefit me?

    Hurdle’s MicroGravity Matrix is made from a soft, flexible, and ultra thin shock absorbing material we have dubbed as Micro-Elastomer. Precision engineered into a matrix pattern with subtle variances in dimensions and infused between the fibers of our performance yarn, our matrix stretches and conforms to the contours of your feet to absorb shock and disperse weight evenly. Matrix Technology is a first of its kind, proprietary footwear technology engineered to enhance the layers of pedal fat that we all have at the bottom of our feet, which act as natural shock absorbers to help protect and support us as we walk and run.


    Other performance socks use natural or synthetic yarn like cotton or nylon to provide cushioning and support, but yarn fibers simply lie flat upon the pressure of human weight and do not absorb shock or disperse weight.
    Hurdle socks are designed to give you a 21st century experience on your feet. Ever try walking on clouds? Well now you can!

  • What type of shoes do I wear with Hurdle socks?

    Any type you prefer. Our socks are just as thin (or thinner) as your ordinary performance socks and can be worn with any style of shoes, ranging from running shoes and casual wear to work boots and even dress shoes.

  • Does it matter if I wear a left sock on my right foot or vice versa?

    YES! Our matrix technology is engineered to conform specifically to your left and right foot. If you wear Hurdle socks on the incorrect feet, you may not experience the maximum level of comfort.

  • What is MicroPly knitting technology?

    MicroPly knitting technology takes incredibly thin yarn fibers that are layered onto each other in a way that creates double layer protection while still maintaining single layer dimensions. The result is softer, stronger, and more breathable than your ordinary sock.